Low Noise Power Solutions

Our Ultra Low Noise Features

Noise sensitive electronics  like inspection and measurement systems, imaging systems and medical systems need low ripple noise and low electronic emission. Our special power supplies and transformers are the optimal solution for your noise sensitive equipment.

Low Ripple, Low emission

Inspection, measurement and medical instruments like CT, Xray, PET, and ultrasound require low ripple noise, low conducted, low radiated emission as well as low leakage.
Our products have a few milivolts ripple noise and very low conducted and radiated emission.

Low Noise Medical ATX Power Supply

Superb Japanese quality medical certified ATX units. 300W-1KW with additional 12V or 24 volts outputs to suit your other medical device circuits.
Medical standards certification. Optional units with a battery backup power that eliminates the need for external UPS.


Eliminate Common & Normal Mode Noise. Very low leakage current. Eliminate high voltage spikes. Main use in High Resolution imaging systems like MRI, X RAY, SEM, Ultrasound Professional  Audio Systems and Noise Isolated facilities.

Programmable Linear Power Supply

Single and triple output DC power supplies. Output voltage up to 120V with two milivolts ripple noise. Easy to control from the front panel, or with industry standard SCPI commands via the RS232, USB or GPIB.

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