Lab Linear Power Supply

Lab Power Supply

Single and triple output DC power supplies for labaratories. Lab power supply with voltage output up to 120V with two millivolts ripple noise. Easy to control from the front panel or by industry standard SCPI commands via the RS232, USB or GPIB.

364X series

364X lab power supply

364X series power supply is a high performance single-output programmable
DC power source. It is controlled from the front panel, or via the serial port by the computer. It has up to 10 settings which can be stored. The low noise output, excellent regulation and built-in voltmeter/ammeter make it a reliable power supply well suited for the exact needs of design, education, test and manufacturing.

Main Specifications

364X PSU series specs

3631A Series

3631A power supply for lab

Triple Output Linear DC power supply provides a stable and reliable DC power that the R&D engineer needs. It has two tracking 25V outputs, which are together referenced to a floating common, and an isolated 6 volt output.

It is easy to control from the front panel, or by industry standard SCPI commands via the RS232, USB or GPIB. The low noise,
excellent regulation and high reliability make it well suited for your design and test requirements.

Main Specifications

3631 power supply specs

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