Redundant Power Supply

Critical equipment like servers, storage, networking systems, life support systems, defense systems require 24 7 up time. CRPS is a redundant power supply consists of 2 power supplies and a circuit that switches between them in case one of them fails. In case of a failure users can replace the failed unit without disconnecting the load from the power (Hot-swap). There is a large selection of models starting at 350W up t0 1600W at a PoE output and standard outputs as 12V 24V 28V with an additional 12V stand by output.

Nipron Japan – FR1UA-350P series

FR1UA-350P redundant power supply

CRPS – Redundant Power Supply with Hot Swapping function provides power to
devices with parallel operation of two same power supply units. If failure occurs
on one of power supply units, the other unit supports all the power required.
Since each unit can connect to an AC cable, troubles on electrical system do
not stop FR1UA-350P from running if each unit is connected to different electrical systems.
Units can be replaced while it is running

Main Specifications

Tiger Taiwan – TG14-950 series

CRPS – Complies with IEC/EN/UL 62368-1 standard
Meets IEEE 802.3af/at/bt PSE requirements
Dual outputs with different ground wires
Digital power management (PMbus)
N+1 redundancy design with current sharing
Optional fan airflow direction (airflow out/in)★
• Intelligent-thermal fan control

Main Specifications

Tiger Taiwan – TG17-1600 Series

CRPS for digital power management (PMbus, Black Box, FRU)
High efficiency up to 94%
Meets 80Plus platinum compliance
N+1 redundancy design with current sharing
Cold redundancy support
Intelligent-thermal fan control & Super low noise
Japanese capacitors improve PSU reliability

Main Specifications

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