Advanced Power Systems

DC2DC Converters High Voltage Power Supply Equipment protection systems

Power solutions made by the top manufactures in their fields. Linear and switching Programmable Power Supplies, Lab Power Supplies, High Voltage Power Supplies for Electron and Ion Beam. Momentary Dip Protection and Surge Protection Devices.

Nonstop Power Supply

Nonstop power supply provides stable power during either short  power failures or long ones. It saves a UPS cost and space. The efficiency is 15% higher comparing to UPS systems and the batteries operation time is longer.


48V Input voltage, 250V output voltage with high efficiency.
Endures a pick-current twice than the rated current for 10 seconds. Typically installed at Unmanned carriers and transfer robots.

DC2DC Converters

1600V-5600V Isolation voltage
Single and dual outputs
Connection pins: 7-24
Output Voltage: 3.3V-15V output
Power: 1-75 Watts

Programmable Power Supply

KDC series features high power density programmable AC-DC power supplies which can reach 1500W in 1U (44mm) package. KDC have simple and user friendly controls with several useful options such as master/slave operation and RS485 control function..

Lab Desktop Power Supply

ARRAY 367X is a series of 800W programmable switching-mode DC power supplies with RS-232, USB (optional) and GPIB (optional) interfaces. They offer durability, simple operation, low noise, excellent output accuracy as well as the adjustment from 0V. Arry’s series 366X is available too. ARRAY make linear Desktop power supply too.

Electronic Load

Array 371X series electronic load is a single input programmable DC electronic load. It provides a convenient way to test batteries and DC power supplies. It offers constant current mode, constant resistance mode and constant power mode. Up to 10 step programs can be stored. Can be controlled by PC or the user interface.

Momentary Dip Protection (Voltage sag)

Semiconductor device manufacturers, LCD panel manufacturer and equipment manufacturers have to comply with Semi 47 standards, meaning that the power for the equipment will last when there is a power break. KDP have the optimal solution that reduces the cost of UPS systems and the need for batteries.

Surge Protection devices

Lightning and power line surges can seriously damage or disrupt operations in hospitals, financial institutions, factories, military installations, and other mission-critical activities. Our flagship, Surge Protective Devices(SPD’s) through their extraordinary let through voltage diversion capability, protect your sensitive system from damage.

HV Electrons, Ion Beam Power Supply

We sell and customize high voltage power supplies with ultra-high stability and very low noise. The power supplies provide all voltage stages for electron and ion beam systems as well as X ray systems. High Voltage components like switches, current meters, low noise DC2DC with up to 60KV isolation are available and can be customized.

RF Power Meter

VI Probe is a multi-frequency in-line RF voltage, current and phase measurement system. It can measure multiple fundamental frequencies and their harmonics simultaneously and has an accuracy of 1% with 1μs time resolution. The measurements can be viewed from a PC or direct to the meter unit. The instrument is used for Plasma and medical MRI.

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