Niev Pacific Connections MANUFACTURERS

All of our suppliers deliver on time, have achieved excellent reliability records and  provide comprehensive customer support and warranties.


Founded in Japan Nipron develop, manufacture and sell reliable switching power supply units, wire harnesses and peripheral devices for industrial, medical & telecom markets. Nipron’s best selling products are Medical ATX power supplies, high power modules and power supplies for equipment.


A multinational company with Its head offices in Osaka and Tokyo. Daitron is a manufacturer of power supply equipment, systems and components for the semiconductor, electronics and energy industries. Daitron has subsidiaries in the USA, China, Korea, Taiwan, The Philippines and Malaysia.


Sinpro Taiwan specializes in manufacturing all types of switching power supplies. Simpro manufacture power supplies for the most famous brand names in the world. Sinpro carefully select the best electronic components for its products. By selecting Sinpro users get the best quality at a competitive price.

Tiger Power

Founded In Taiwan in 1972. Tiger power is the world leader in design and manufacture of switching power supplies for servers, networks as well as storage and communication systems. A large selection of the products offered comply with PoE (Power over Ethernet) standards. Many of the products have redundant and hot swap functionality that insure zero failures in operation of critical networking and computing systems.

Arch Electronics

Established in 1986, Arch specializes in AC-DC switching power supplies, medical power modules, AC-DC power modules and DC-DC converters.
The factories are located in Taiwan and in China and have ISO-9001 certification. Arch power products were selected by world class brands such as Airbus, Kinetec, Honywell, Cisco and Siemens.


FUTEX make high voltage power supplies featuring ultra-high stability and very low noise.
The power supplies provide all voltage stages, Accelerator, Filament, Suppressor, Extractor for Electron and Ion Beam Systems.

Futex offer high voltage components like switches, current meters and  low noise DC2DC with up to 60KV isolation.


Denkensekin is an electronic equipment manufacturer, established in Tokyo, Japan in 1960. Since then they have delivered numerous innovative products throughout the world. They are a pioneers in noise prevention technology worldwide, Denkensekin have a group that specializes in EMC consulting to tackle the issue of electronic noise. Their new noise isolation transformers protect systems and facilities from the noise.

Kyoto Denkiki

Kyoto Denkiki develop new electronic solutions in a wide range of fields including IT systems and  complex control equipment.

Voltage Sag for Momentary Dip Protection and programmable Power Supply are available.

Kyoto Denkiki  work hard to ensure that their products meet the highest manufacturing processes safety and environmental standards.


Array Electronic a Taiwanese Company founded in 1998. It is located in Nanjing, China, and specializes in R&D and manufacture of electronic load and programmable power supply instrumentation and other electronics systems.

Array are ISO 9000 Certified. Array has established its reputation in the global market for its top quality products with reliable performance capability.


 SPGS is dedicated to the design, development, and manufacture of highly reliable surge protection devices. SPGS have evolved into a leader in the Surge Protective Device Industry since their inception in 1997. SPGS have grown from a regional operation into a global manufacturer. SPGS manufacture a complete line of products for medium voltage, low voltage, data/communications, and commercial use.


Impedans based in Dublin Ireland provide  intelligent sensing platforms for radio-frequency (RF) and plasma process monitoring. Their products find applications in fundamental research, process development, tool design and process control. Impedans serve a wide range of industries, such as semiconductor, vacuum coating, medical device, hard disk and aerospace among many others.

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